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Ethics Frequently Asked Questions

A new policy from the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) designates the VSCPA as the provider of the Virginia-specific Ethics course content and material. You may participate in any of the course options provided by the VSCPA or you may elect to have your own VBOA-approved sponsor teach the Ethics content (see below). Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the VSCPA’s role.

What is the purpose of this decision?
The VBOA decided at its meeting on April 30, 2014, to designate the VSCPA to be the Ethics content provider to:

  • Ensure quality and consistency in the course
  • Increase compliance with the Ethics requirement among licensees

In which formats does the VSCPA provide the Ethics course?
The VSCPA will continue to offer the course in a variety of formats:

  • Live seminars
  • Conference sessions
  • On-demand
  • Live webcast and webcast replays
  • In-house training
  • Content-only

The VSCPA continues to follow technological and educational trends and developments and is committed to offering a high-quality Ethics course in the most convenient format for all of Virginia CPAs.

When will the 2018 VSCPA Ethics course be available?
Content for the 2017 Ethics course will be available beginning March 27, 2018. If you are interested in purchasing the content or scheduling a class with an instructor, please contact Janie Medley at [email protected]. For other offerings of the ethics course please check the online catalog for dates, times and delivery method of preference.

What is the pricing structure for the VSCPA Ethics course offerings?
If you want to take one of the live seminars, webcasts or the on-demand course that the VSCPA offers as an individual, the price will be $59 for all Virginia CPAs. 

If you are interested in purchasing the course as a group there are a few options available to you including, content only ($23/person), group webcast ($49/person) or live group seminar ($49/person + $1,000 instructor fee).  For more information on group sales, including chapters and specifics regarding what is included, please contact Janie Medley at [email protected].

Can my firm or company teach its own Ethics course?
Your firm can teach the Ethics course, but it must purchase the content from the VSCPA and use an instructor who meets VBOA requirements. Your firm and instructor must be approved by the VBOA before he or she can teach the course and must renew that approval annually. The VBOA requires that all Ethics instructors hold an active Virginia CPA license in good standing.

To apply to teach the Virginia-specific Ethics course with the VBOA, please contact Mary Charity at [email protected]. 

Will I be able to request a printed copy of the VSCPA Ethics course materials?
Yes, Ethics course materials will be available in print and electronic formats.

Does the VSCPA’s Ethics course fulfill Ethics requirements for other states?
Versions of the VSCPA’s Ethics course qualify for 2 CPE hours of ethics for CPAs licensed in other states, as detailed below:

  • Maryland: Group study, on-demand, in-house
  • North Carolina: Group study, on-demand, in-house (for CPAs licensed in Virginia and North Carolina who primarily work in Virginia)
  • Washington, D.C.: Group study, in-house

Please refer to your state’s regulations for more information.