Why Financial Fitness?

The Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) launched a financial literacy initiative in 2004 to help improve the financial health of Virginians. Called Financial Fitness, this award-winning campaign is part of a national effort of the CPA profession to reach out to the community and educate the public on topics related to money management and fiscal responsibility. We know it's not easy. We’re here to help.

Financial Fitness Resources


Find resources and programs from the VSCPA designed to help you with your tax needs, as well as articles on money management topics.


Find financial literacy tools and resources for your students or secure a dynamic financial speaker for your class.


The VSCPA offers a wealth of resources to help young consumers become financially fit, covering topics like setting up a savings plan, establishing a budget and avoiding credit-card debt.


Find a CPA to help your organization with its financial needs and peruse other nonprofit resources.

Financial Fitness University

A free employee education and training program to help promote wise money management.

Financial Fitness News

News and helpful articles on money management topics.


You Can Afford College Workshops

VSCPA events held across the state aimed at educating students on ways to make college more affordable.