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Strategic Shift

The 2012–2013 membership year marks a time of transition for the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA), which is moving on to a new set of top strategies developed by the Board of Directors and the Society’s Strategy Team.

Here’s how the VSCPA will serve the interests of Virginia CPAs over the next three membership years:


Achieve our legislative and regulatory agenda by strengthening our influence, engaging more members and developing strategic relationships.
The VSCPA is the primary organization representing all Virginia CPAs by protecting the profession in political and regulatory arenas and promoting the CPA brand. By increasing member involvement and forging strategic relationships, the VSCPA will augment its advocacy efforts and strengthen its overall impact for the profession.


Develop an integrated approach to becoming the premier broker of relevant knowledge to Virginia CPAs.
Members and Virginia CPAs look to the VSCPA to provide relevant accounting and business information and also enhance their technical knowledge through professional education. The VSCPA will identify and focus on top professional and technical topics, gathering and disseminating the right knowledge through a variety of channels that provide various levels of depth. By offering a suite of content addressing each important issue, the VSCPA can better meet the knowledge needs of its members and Virginia CPAs.


Create a more dynamic community by better engaging members.
According to research, the more engaged members are with the VSCPA, the more satisfied they are with their membership. Members who are engaged are also more likely to renew and even promote membership to their colleagues. By shifting to a more dialogue-focused membership experience, enhancing volunteerism and focusing on high-impact networking opportunities, the VSCPA will foster a more vibrant, engaging community that will better attract and retain members while continuing to emphasize the VSCPA as the “home” for Virginia CPAs.


Develop and implement a comprehensive and overarching technology plan.
In order to develop and maintain superior solutions that anticipate and meet members’ needs, enhance their lives and careers, and improve its workplace and efficiency, the VSCPA will develop an inclusive technology plan that considers current and future-focused technology trends impacting knowledge delivery, education, workflow, administration, engagement and connection.

While these strategies represent the immediate future of the VSCPA, the previous top strategies garnered huge success for the Society and its members over the past three years. Here’s a look at some top accomplishments from the previous membership year, from May 1, 2011, through April 30, 2012, and previous achievements from the 2009–2012 strategic plan.


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