Definitions of VSCPA Membership Terms

The following is a list of definitions for certain membership terms. If you have questions about any of the definitions, please contact or call (800) 733-8272.

CPA fellow (in-state or out-of-state) dues rate
Fellow members that live or work in or outside Virginia or in the Washington, DC area (which includes suburban Maryland).

New CPA 

Fellow members may qualify for the New CPA dues rate if they have received their initial license within the last three years. 

Associate (unlicensed professional) dues rate
Associate members include those who have completed the academic requirements to become a CPA and are pursuing further requirements necessary to become a CPA; professional staff working in an accounting or finance position or employed by or under the supervision of a CPA; and non-CPA owners of firms. When an Associate becomes a CPA, he or she will be elevated to fellow member.

CPA candidate dues rate
Associate members may qualify for the CPA candidate dues rate if they have completed a bachelor's degree within the last five years and are pursuing a CPA license.

Retired, part-time or seasonal worker rate
Fellow and associate members qualify for the retired, part-time or season worker rate if they work less than 1,000 hours/year.

Unemployed or leave of absence rate
Fellow and associate members qualify for the unemployed or leave of absence rate if they are unemployed or taking a leave of absence.

Student dues rate

Student members include any college student with an interest in accounting who is not qualified for admission to any other class of membership in the VSCPA. You must also not be a CPA and not working more than 1,000 hours a year in an accounting or finance job (excluding unpaid internships).

Accounting doctoral candidate
Fellow members may qualify for a full dues waiver so long as they have given up full-time employment to pursue a doctoral degree in accounting on a full-time basis. To receive the waiver, the member must apply for a dues waiver along with his/her application, or with his/her annual dues bill.

Educator dues rate
The reduced educator dues rate applies to all fellow and associate members who teach full-time on the college or university level.

Equivalent certificates
The VSCPA recognizes the same foreign credentials as the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA). If you hold one of the credentials recognized by the BOA, you are eligible for fellow membership in the VSCPA.

Firm administrator dues rate
Associate members may qualify for the firm administrator rate if they hold the positions of firm administrator, chief operating officer, director of administration, administrative manager, office manager or other human resources, hiring, training or professional development position within an accounting firm or company. Members who qualify for firm administrator membership shall not be licensed CPAs or be primarily responsible for finance and/or accounting duties at their firm or company.