Membership Categories & Dues


Fellow Membership | Apply Now
Certified public accountants or those who hold in good standing equivalent certificates from foreign accounting bodies whose standards are acceptable to the VSCPA.

Associate Membership | Apply Now
Associates include (1) those who have completed the academic requirements to become a CPA and are pursuing further requirements necessary to become a CPA; (2) professional staff working in an accounting or finance position or employed by or under the supervision of a CPA; (3) instructors of accountancy in schools of collegiate standing; and (4) non-CPA owners of firms. When an Associate becomes a CPA, he or she shall be elevated to fellow member.

Student Membership | Apply Now
Student members shall include any college student with an interest in accounting who is not qualified for admission to any other class of membership in the VSCPA.


Current RatesMembership good through April 30, 2019. A full list of membership category definitions is available here.  

CPA fellow (in-state or out-of-state)


Associate (unlicensed professional)




Accounting educator


Retired, seasonal worker, unemployed or leave of absence


CPA candidate




Firm administrator


Important Membership Information

It is important that you are aware of the requirements for maintaining membership in the VSCPA. Please review the VSCPA Bylaws (PDF) and the Code of Professional Conduct.

The Peer Review Program is designed to help firms maintain consistent quality control and achieve a higher level of service in the profession. It also lets you know if your firm measures up to the highest professional standards for CPA firms nationwide.

If your firm is performing audits, reviews or compilations and is not currently enrolled in an approved-practice monitoring program, you will need to enroll in the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) or VSCPA Peer Review Program.

If you are a proprietor, shareholder or employee of a public accounting firm, your firm must be enrolled in an approved practice-monitoring program to qualify for membership.

Reinstatements & Other Important Information

Former members applying for reinstatement must fill out a new membership application to qualify. You may select either Associate or Fellow membership when reinstating. Special dues promotions do not apply to reinstatements.

For additional membership information, please check out:

If you need assistance determining your appropriate membership category or dues rate, contact us at or (800) 733-8272.