LifeSkills: Real Skills for Real Life

The facts are staggering: Average student credit card debt is $4,088. Average student loan debt is $20,000. Although college students are graduating with vital career expertise and job skills, they may be missing out on other important skills essential to their future success — budgeting, financing homes and cars, choosing adequate insurance options, learning when to seek help from financial and legal professionals, creating life goals and more.

To address this need, the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) partnered with James Madison University (JMU) to launch LifeSkills — a seven-week program that trains college juniors and seniors on financial and career skills needed for real life. In addition, the VSCPA and JMU developed a toolkit to assist other colleges and universities in launching their own LifeSkills program.

 Launch LifeSkills at your college or university this year! The LifeSkills program:

  • Satisfies your institution’s legislative requirements for offering financial literacy education
  • Teaches students important life skills, including goal, career and financial planning
  • Serves as a source of additional revenue for your school
  • Demonstrates your institution’s commitment to preparing students for graduation
  • Includes a flexible, step-by-step template to guide your implementation

By incorporating LifeSkills resources on your campus, you can help secure sound financial futures of Virginia students.

Part of the VSCPA’s award-winning Financial Fitness initiative, LifeSkills complements the overall Financial Fitness objective — to promote sound money management habits and financial responsibility. For more information on Financial Fitness and its various programs, visit the VSCPA’s consumer Web site at

For more information about LifeSkills, or to request a CPA speaker, contact VSCPA Public Relations and Communications Director David Bass at (804) 612-9440.