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Each year, the VSCPA MentorMatch program receives dozens of applications from accounting students and new professionals looking to connect with a mentor. If you're looking for an opportunity to learn from a pro or enhance your leadership skills, then MentorMatch might be right for you! 

You can now participate in MentorMatch any time throughout the year, so you have the flexibility and ease you need. The program offers a FREE and flexible way to step into a mentorship role, enhance your leadership skills and give back to the profession. Here is what some of our participents said about their experience:

  • “There is no better way to make a difference or impact for the CPA profession than by providing mentoring to up and coming CPAs.”  — Henry Davis, CPA, member since 1998, MentorMatch Mentor​
  • “It has been amazing having a mentor! I've received a lot of insight, and my mentor has been very helpful along the way." — Liz Owusuwaa, member since 2016, MentorMatch Mentee

Check out the MentorMatch qualifications to see what we look for in participants. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Laura Cobb Member Senior Manager, Innovation & Leadership at (804) 612-9441 or


LAST UPDATED 10/9/2017


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