100% Member Firms

100% membership is simply a Virginia CPA firm or company that has all of its CPAs enrolled as members in the VSCPA. Is your name missing from this list? Please contact us at membership@vscpa.com or (800) 733-8272.


  • Recognition on vscpa.com and in our award-winning magazine, Disclosures
  • A unique logo to signify 100% commitment to the CPA profession
  • Discounts on courses offered through the VSCPA In-House CPE & Training Program:
    • 25% off any in-house course offered by VSCPA member and instructor Brian Kush
    • 25% off any in-house course offered by Working Dynamics
    • 10% off any in-house ethics course from the VSCPA
    • Some restrictions apply. Contact VSCPA Education Specialist Janie Medley at jmedley@vscpa.com or (804) 612-9418 to book a course or get more details.
  • Permission and encouragement to use the logo, website and other promotion during recruiting to demonstrate your dedication to the development of your staff

2016–2017 100% Member Firms


A. F. Thomas & Associates, PC
Actuarial Benefits & Design Company
Adams & Co., PC
Adams & Delp., PC
Anderson & Anderson CPAs, P.C.
Anderson & Reed, LLP
Andrews CPA Associates, PC
Atlas Financial


Barnes, Brock, Cornwell & Heilman PLC
Beale & Curran, PC
Beck & Company, CPAs, PC
Bennett, Atkinson & Associates, PC
Biegler & Associates, PC
Black Marlin CPA (Ann Black CPA PLC)
Bowling, Franklin & Co., LLP
Boyce, Spady & Moore PLC
Britt & Peak, PC, CPAs
Bruce, Renner & Company, PLC
Bullock & Associates, P. C.
Burdette Smith & Bish, LLC
Burgess & Co., PC, CPA
Burnett & Sneed, CPAs, LLC


Cameron, Moberly & Hamrick, P.C.
Charles H. McCoy, Jr., Inc.
Charles W. Snader, P. C.
Chesapeake Accounting Group PC
Christopher A. Enright, CPA, PLC
Cole & Associates CPAs, LLC
Coley, Eubank & Company, PC
Corbin & Company, PC
Craver, Green and Company, P.L.C.
Creedle, Jones and Alga CPAs
CST Group, CPAs, PC


Dalal & Company
David L Zimmer CPA PC
Didawick & Company, P.C.
Donald W. Coleman, CPA, Inc., PC
Donald R. Pinkleton, CPA
Douglas L. Thompson, CPA PLLC
DuvallWheeler, LLP


Eggleston & Eggleston, PC
Elmore, Hupp & Company, PLC
Everett O. Winn, CPA, PLC


Fritz & Company, PC, CPAs


G4 CPA Firm, Inc.
Garland & Garland, CPAs, PC
Garris and Company, PC
GL Roberson CPA, PLLC
Graham and Poirot, CPA, PC
Gregg & Bailey, PC
Gregory & Associates, PLLC
Gurman & Company, PLLC


Hampton & Everett, PC
Hantzmon Wiebel LLP
Harris, Hardy, & Johnstone, PC
Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co., LLP
Henley & Henley, PC
Hogan & Reed, PC, CPAs
Holland & Brown LLP
Homes, Lowry, Horn & Johnson, Ltd.
Honeycutt & McGuire, PC
Hortenstine and McCown, CPAs, PC
Hottel & Willis, PC
Hughes & Basye, PC
Hunt, Calderone & Abbott PC


J Goddin & Associates, PC
Jay E Reiner CPA PLLC
John M. Watkins, CPA
Jones & Company CPA, LLC
Jones CPA Group, PC
Jones & McIntyre, PLLC
Jones, Madden & Council, PLC
JS Morlu, LLC


Katherine L. Foley CPA, PC
Kositzka, Wicks & Company
Kris McMackin CPA


L. P. Martin & Company, PC
Lane & Associates, PC
Larry D Greene CPA PC
Lauren V. Wolcott, CPA, P.C.
Lent & Hawthorne, PC


M. Lee Winder & Associates, PC
Maida Development Company
Mallard & Mallard CPAs, LLC
Malvin, Riggins & Company, PC
Martin, Beachy & Arehart, PLLC
McCallum & Kudravetz, PC
McPhillips, Roberts & Deans PLC
Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook, LLP
Michael B. Cooke, CPA, PC
Michael R. Anliker CPA PC
Miller Consulting Group, LLC
Mitchell, Wiggins & Company, LLP
Moss & Riggs, PLLC
Mulkey & Co. PC


Nicholas Jones & Co., PLC


PBMares, LLP
Pearson&Co., PC


R.P. Willis, PC
R.T. McCalpin & Associates, LLC
Renner & Company, CPAs, PC
Robb Scott Bradshaw & Rawls, P.C.
Robinson Consulting Group
Roger L. Handy, PC
Rubin, Koehmstedt & Nadler, PLC
Rumble & Associates, Inc.
Russell, Evans & Thompson, PLLC
Rutherford & Johnson, PC


Salter & Associates, PC
Saunders, Matthews & Pfitzner, PLLC
Saunders & Saunders, PC
Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, PC
Sells Hogg & Associates CPAs, PC
Sherman, Spero & Safarino, Ltd.
Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, PC
Spitler, Stephens & Associates PLLC
Stephen Merritt CPA, PC
Stephen T. Shickel, CPA, PLC
Steve Guy & Associates, PC
Steve Walls & Associates, PLLC
Steven F. Perry, PC
Stokes Office Solutions
Sullivan, Andrews & Taylor PC


Terry L. Jones, CPA, LLC
The Davidson Group, PC
The Foley Group, Ltd.
Thompson Greenspon
T.L. Pyne, PC
Tongelidis Consulting, LLC


Updegrove, Combs & McDaniel, PLC


Valderas Financial Solutions LLC
Verus Financial Partners


W. D. Sanders & Company, P.C.
Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer
Wells, Coleman & Company, LLP
White, Withers, Masincup & Cannaday, PC
Wilkinson Consulting & CPA PLC
William B. May, Jr., CPA, PC
Wineholt & Associates, PC


Yancey, Bowman & Helsley, CPA
Yount, Hyde & Barbour, PC

Last updated Dec. 1, 2016.
LAST UPDATED 9/16/2015


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