100% Member Firms

100% membership is simply a Virginia CPA firm or company that has all of its CPAs enrolled as members in the VSCPA. Is your name missing from this list? Please contact VSCPA Firm Outreach Specialist Janie Medley at jmedley@vscpa.com or (804) 612-9418.


  • Recognition on vscpa.com and in our award-winning magazine, Disclosures
  • A unique logo to signify 100% commitment to the CPA profession
  • Permission and encouragement to use the logo, website and other promotion during recruiting to demonstrate your dedication to the development of your staff

2017–2018 100% Member Firms


A. F. Thomas & Associates, PC
Actuarial Benefits & Design Company
Adams & Co., PC
Adams & Delp., PC
Anderson & Anderson CPAs, P.C.
Anderson & Reed, LLP
Andrews CPA Associates, PC
Atlas Financial


Barnes, Brock, Cornwell & Heilman PLC
Beale & Curran, PC
Beck & Company, CPAs, PC
Bennett, Atkinson & Associates, PC
Biegler & Associates, PC
Black Marlin CPA (Ann Black CPA PLC)
Bowling, Franklin & Co., LLP
Boyce, Spady & Moore PLC
Britt & Peak, PC, CPAs
Bruce, Renner & Company, PLC
Bullock & Associates, P. C.
Burdette Smith & Bish, LLC
Burgess & Co., PC, CPA
Burnett & Sneed, CPAs, LLC


Cameron, Moberly & Hamrick, P.C.
Charles H. McCoy, Jr., Inc.
Charles W. Snader, P. C.
Chesapeake Accounting Group PC
Christopher A. Enright, CPA, PLC
Cole & Associates CPAs, LLC
Coley, Eubank & Company, PC
Corbin & Company, PC
Craver, Green and Company, P.L.C.
Creedle, Jones and Alga CPAs
CST Group, CPAs, PC


Dalal & Company
David L Zimmer CPA PC
Didawick & Company, P.C.
Donald W. Coleman, CPA, Inc., PC
Donald R. Pinkleton, CPA
Douglas L. Thompson, CPA PLLC
DuvallWheeler, LLP


Eggleston & Eggleston, PC
Elmore, Hupp & Company, PLC
Everett O. Winn, CPA, PLC


Fritz & Company, PC, CPAs


G4 CPA Firm, Inc.
Garland & Garland, CPAs, PC
Garris and Company, PC
GL Roberson CPA, PLLC
Graham and Poirot, CPA, PC
Gregg & Bailey, PC
Gregory & Associates, PLLC
Gurman & Company, PLLC


Hampton & Everett, PC
Hantzmon Wiebel LLP
Harris, Hardy, & Johnstone, PC
Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co., LLP
Henley & Henley, PC
Hogan & Reed, PC, CPAs
Holland & Brown LLP
Homes, Lowry, Horn & Johnson, Ltd.
Honeycutt & McGuire, PC
Hortenstine and McCown, CPAs, PC
Hottel & Willis, PC
Hughes & Basye, PC
Hunt, Calderone & Abbott PC


J Goddin & Associates, PC
Jay E Reiner CPA PLLC
John M. Watkins, CPA
Jones & Company CPA, LLC
Jones CPA Group, PC
Jones & McIntyre, PLLC
Jones, Madden & Council, PLC
JS Morlu, LLC


Katherine L. Foley CPA, PC
Kositzka, Wicks & Company
Kris McMackin CPA


L. P. Martin & Company, PC
Lane & Associates, PC
Larry D Greene CPA PC
Lauren V. Wolcott, CPA, P.C.
Lent & Hawthorne, PC


M. Lee Winder & Associates, PC
Maida Development Company
Mallard & Mallard CPAs, LLC
Malvin, Riggins & Company, PC
Martin, Beachy & Arehart, PLLC
McCallum & Kudravetz, PC
McPhillips, Roberts & Deans PLC
Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook, LLP
Michael B. Cooke, CPA, PC
Michael R. Anliker CPA PC
Miller Consulting Group, LLC
Mitchell, Wiggins & Company, LLP
Moss & Riggs, PLLC
Mulkey & Co. PC


Nicholas Jones & Co., PLC


PBMares, LLP
Pearson&Co., PC


R.P. Willis, PC
R.T. McCalpin & Associates, LLC
Renner & Company, CPAs, PC
Robb Scott Bradshaw & Rawls, P.C.
Robinson Consulting Group
Roger L. Handy, PC
Rubin, Koehmstedt & Nadler, PLC
Rumble & Associates, Inc.
Russell, Evans & Thompson, PLLC
Rutherford & Johnson, PC


Salter & Associates, PC
Saunders, Matthews & Pfitzner, PLLC
Saunders & Saunders, PC
Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, PC
Sells Hogg & Associates CPAs, PC
Sherman, Spero & Safarino, Ltd.
Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, PC
Spitler, Stephens & Associates PLLC
Stephen Merritt CPA, PC
Stephen T. Shickel, CPA, PLC
Steve Guy & Associates, PC
Steve Walls & Associates, PLLC
Steven F. Perry, PC
Stokes Office Solutions
Sullivan, Andrews & Taylor PC


Terry L. Jones, CPA, LLC
The Davidson Group, PC
The Foley Group, Ltd.
Thompson Greenspon
T.L. Pyne, PC
Tongelidis Consulting, LLC


Updegrove, Combs & McDaniel, PLC


Valderas Financial Solutions LLC
Verus Financial Partners


W. D. Sanders & Company, P.C.
Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer
Wells, Coleman & Company, LLP
White, Withers, Masincup & Cannaday, PC
Wilkinson Consulting & CPA PLC
William B. May, Jr., CPA, PC
Wineholt & Associates, PC


Yancey, Bowman & Helsley, CPA
Yount, Hyde & Barbour, PC

Last updated Dec. 1, 2016.
LAST UPDATED 9/16/2015


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