Employers That Pay Dues

Wondering if your employer will pay your membership dues in the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA)? They probably do! Below is a list of 300+ firms that we know support their employees by paying their membership dues in the VSCPA.

We've also included our 100% member firms indicated by an * next to their name. 100% membership is a Virginia CPA firm or company that has all of its CPAs enrolled as members in the VSCPA.

Should your firm be on this list? Let us know


A. F. Thomas & Associates, PC*
A. Wilber DeBaun & Assoc., PC
Actuarial Benefits & Design Company*
Alan D. Altschuler, CPA
Alan E. Klinger, PC
Albano & Associates, P.L.C.
American Medical Group Association
Anderson & Anderson CPAs, P.C.*
Anderson & Reed, LLP*
Anderson, White & Company, PC, CPAs*
Andrews, Barwick & Lee, PC*
Anna M. Lloyd, CPA, P.C.
Arehart Associates Ltd.
Associated General Contractors
Atkinson, Harris &Hart, P.C., CPAs
Auditor of Public Accounts

B. J. Kane & Company, PC
Baker & McNiff, PC
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Barbara Y. Gibbs & Associates
Barnes, Brock, Cornwell & Heilman PLC*
Barnes, Brock, Cornwell and Painter
Bay Electric Co., Inc.
Beale & Curran, PC
Beck & Company, CPAs, PC*
Bennett, Atkinson & Associates, PC
Beverly L. Jones, CPA, PC
Biegler & Associates, PC
Black Marlin CPA (Ann Black CPA PLC)
BlackHeath Company, PLC*
Bond Beebe, Accountants & Advisors
Boor, Howard & Company
Bostic, Tucker & Co., PC
Bowling, Franklin & Co., LLP*
Boyce, Spady & Moore PLC*
Bryant Contracting, Inc.
Britt & Peak, PC, CPAs*
Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP
Bruce, Renner & Company, PLC*
Bullock & Associates, P. C.*
Burdette Smith & Bish, LLC*
Burgess & Co., PC, CPAs*


The Cahill Group, LLC*
C. Jeffrey Stump, CPA
C. L. Amernick, CPA, PC
Cameron, Moberly & Hamrick, P.C.*
Campbell, Veltri & Clark, PLC
Cavanaugh, Nelson & Co., PLC
Center for Innovative Technology
Charles E. Walton, PC
Charles H. McCoy, Jr., Inc.*
Charles W. Snader, P. C.
Cherry Bekaert LLP
Chesapeake Accounting Group PC*
Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Christopher A. Enright, CPA, PLC*
Christopher Newport University
City of Norfolk
City of Virginia Beach
Clark & Bradshaw, PC
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
CMC Supply, Inc.
CohnReznick LLC
Colby & Company, PLC
Cole & Associates CPAs, LLC*
Coley, Eubank & Company, PC*
Colliers International
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Commonwealth of Virginia
Cook Associates, LLC
Corbin & Company, PC*
Cotton & Company, LLP
Craver, Green and Company, P.L.C.*
Creedle, Jones and Alga CPAs*
CST Group, CPAs, PC*

Dalal & Company*
Daniel S. Cook, CPA
David L Zimmer CPA PC*
Davidson, Doyle & Hilton
DBA Kotwicki Associates
Dehnert, Clarke & Co., PC
Dent K. Burk Associates, PC
DesRoches & Company, CPAs, PC
Diane Y Smith CPA PC*
Didawick & Company, P.C.*
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
Dolan Group LLC
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
Donald K. Price, CPA, PC
Donald R. Pinkleton, CPA
Donald W. Coleman, CPA, Inc., PC*
Dooley & Vicars CPA, L.L.P.
Douglas A. Hollowell, PC
Douglas L. Thompson, CPA PLLC*
Drunagel & Co, PC
Dunham, Aukamp & Rhodes, PLC
DuvallWheeler, LLP*

Eggleston & Eggleston, PC*
Elliott Davis Decosimo
Elmore, Hupp & Company, PLC*
Ernst & Young
Everett O. Winn, CPA, PLC*

Fannie Mae
Fentress & Webb, PC
Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC
First Capital Bank
Fitzwater and Dean, PLC
Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Company
Frank & Company, PC
Fritz & Company, PC, CPAs

G.L. Roberson CPA, PLLC
G4 CPA Firm, Inc.
Garland & Garland, CPAs, PC
Garris and Company, PC
General Dynamics
George Ellis Redford IV, PC, CPA
Georgen Scarborough Associates, PC
Gillespie & Company
Goldklang Group CPAs, P.C.
Graham and Poirot, CPA, PC
Grant Thornton LLP
Gregg & Bailey, PC
Gregory & Associates, PLLC
Gurman & Company, PLLC*

H. Herbert Stanley, Jr., CPA
Hampton & Everett, PC*
Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Hanover County DPU
Hantzmon Wiebel LLP
Harris, Hardy, & Johnstone, PC
Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co., LLP
Harry L. Fagan, PC
Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.
Henley & Henley, PC
Hicok, Fern, Brown & Garcia
Hilb Group
Hill & Davis, CPA, PC
Hillman & Glorioso, PLLC
Hodges, Jones & Mabry, PC
Hogan & Reed, PC, CPAs
Holland & Brown LLP
Homes, Lowry, Horn & Johnson, Ltd.
Honeycutt & McGuire, PC
Hortenstine and McCown, CPAs, PC
Hottel & Willis, PC
Hudimac & Company, PLLC
Hughes & Basye, PC
Hunt, Calderone & Abbott PC*

J Goddin & Associates, PC
Jay E Reiner CPA PLLC
Jeffrey R. Rogers, CPA
John L. Matherly, CPA
John M. Watkins, CPA
Johnson, Equi & Co., PLC
Jones & Company CPA, LLC
Jones & McIntyre, PLLC
Jones CPA Group, P.C.
Jones, Adams & Delp, P.C.
Jones, Madden & Council, PLC
Joyner, Kirkham, Keel & Robertson, PC
JS Morlu, LLC
Judd Bankert, CPA

Kaiser, Scherer & Schlegel, PLLC
Katherine L. Foley CPA, PC
Kearney & Company, CPAs, P. C.
Kemmerer & Schooley, PLLC
Kennett & Kennett, PC
Kilmer & Associates CPA, PC
Kosciw & Associates, LLC
Kositzka, Wicks & Company
Kris McMackin CPA

L. P. Martin & Company, PC
Lane & Associates, PC
LaRossa & Company
Larry D. Greene, CPA, PC
Lauren V. Wolcott, CPA, P.C.
Leatherbury-Broache & Co. PC
Lent & Hawthorne, PC
Lewis & Company, PC
Lewis M. Costello, CPA, PC
Lovelace, Norvelle & Mathews, PC
Lutheran Family Services of Va.

M. Lee Winder & Associates, PC
Maida Development Company
Mallard & Mallard CPAs, LLC
Malvin, Riggins & Company, PC
Mann & Associates
Marchetti & Company, PC
Marshall Consulting Group, LLC
Martin, Beachy & Arehart, PLLC
Martin, Dolan & Holton, Ltd.
Mary Washington Healthcare
Masonic Home of Virginia
Matthews, Carter & Boyce, PC
MBW Associates, Inc.
McGladrey LLP
McPhillips, Roberts & Deans PLC
Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook, LLP
MIC Industries
Michael B. Cooke, CPA, PC
Michael R. Anliker CPA PC
Miller Foley Group
MillerMusmar CPAs
Mills, Dayton & Company, PC
Mitchell, Wiggins & Company, LLP
Montgomery County
Morey, Jones & Pfeiffer, PC
Moss & Riggs, PLLC
Mulkey & Co., PC
Murphy & Associates, LLC
Myerson & Myerson, CPA's

NewMarket Corporation
Nicholas Jones & Co., PLC
Norfolk Southern Corporation

O D Shrader, PC
Optical Cable Corporation

PBMares, LLP
Pearson&Co., PC
Persinger Company CPAs, INC
Phillip N. Martin, CPA, LLC
Phipps & Mullins, P.C.
Piascik & Associates, PC
Pinnacle Financial Service, LLC
Pre Con Inc.
Prince William County Service
Private Advisors, LLC

R. Bruce Hall & Associates CPAs
R. P. Willis, PC
R.T. McCalpin & Associates, LLC
Raetz and Hawkins, PC, CPAs
Reiter & Reiter, PLLC
Renner & Company, CPAs, PC
Richard H. Green, CPA
Richard T. Werner, CPA, LLC
Richmond & Company, CPA's, AC
Ritchie, Withers & Masincup PC
Robb Scott Bradshaw & Rawls, P.C.
Robinson Consulting Group
Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates
Roger L. Handy, PC
Rogers & Associates, P.C.
Romano & Mitchell, Chtd.
Rosetta Stone Ltd
Ross, Langan & McKendree, L.L.P.
Roy L. Cress, CPA, Inc.
Rubin, Koehmstedt & Nadler, PLC
Rumble & Associates*
Russell, Evans & Thompson, PLLC
Rutherford & Johnson, PC

Salter & Associates, PC
Salyer, Garbee & Co., PC
Saunders & Saunders, PC
Saunders, Matthews & Pfitzner, PLLC
Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, PC
Schutrumpf & Koren, PC
Sells Hogg & Associates CPAs, PC
Setti & Associates, PC
Shackleford & Werthman, CPA's
Sherman, Spero, Safarino &
SIMA Accounting Group, LLC
Snead, Williams and Mayhew, P.L.L.C
Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, PC
Spiegler Blevins & Company, PC
Spitler, Stephens & Associates PLLC
Spotsylvania County Schools
Stafford County Public Schools
Stephen F. Perry, PC
Stephen Merritt CPA, PC
Stephen T. Shickel, CPA, PLC
Steve Guy & Associates, PC
Steve Walls & Associates, PLLC
Stokes Office Solutions
Sullivan, Andrews & Taylor PC
Susie Dixon Garner & Co., PC

Tax and Financial Services, LLC
Terry L. Jones, CPA, LLC
Thatcher & Benson, P. C.
The Anderson Group, PC
The Davidson Group, PC
The Foley Group, Ltd.
Thomas & Thomas, PC
Thomas E. Fraley, CPA
Thompson Greenspon
Thrower, Blanton & Associates, PC
Tongelidis Consulting, LLC

University of Virginia Foundation
Updegrove, Combs & McDaniel, PLC
US Financial Group of VA CPA's, LLC
US Oncology

Va. Information Technologies Agency
Valderas Financial Solutions LLC
VanHuss & Associates
Verus Financial Partners
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Virginia Health Services, Inc.
Virginia Retirement System
Virginia Society of CPAs
Virginia United Methodist Homes, Inc

W. D. Sanders & Company, P.C.
Wahler & Wahler, PC
Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer
Wegley,Higginbotham & Associates, PLC
Westminster-Canterbury Chesapeake Bay
Wiener & Garg LLC
Wilhelm and Associates, Ltd.
Wilkinson Consulting & CPA PLC
William B. May, Jr., CPA, PC
William F. Nagle, CPA
Wineholt & Associates, PC
Woodcock & Associates, PC

Yancey, Miller, Helsley & Bowman, CPA
YMCA of Greater Richmond
Yockey & Associates, P.C.
Yorktown Management & Research
Young, Nicholas, Branner
Yount, Hyde & Barbour, PC