Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can open doors for you! You can gain additional leadership experience, build your résumé, forge friendships and connections or simply give back to the profession with your time and expertise. No matter your interest in volunteering, the VSCPA is committed to providing you with a memorable experience. We have many ways you can get involved. Some take only a few hours, while others require a larger time commitment. Ready to volunteer? Check out our openings here.

For more information on any of the projects or roles listed below, to suggest a role or for general information on how to get involved, contact Member Engagement Manager Laura Cobb, CAE, at lcobb@vscpa.com or (804) 612-9441.



Leadership: Members can serve on one of our three governing boards, on the Young Professionals Advisory Council or in local chapter leadership. The VSCPA solicits nominations for leadership positions each September.

General Committee & Conference Planning Positions: Members play an integral role in our direction and programming as reviewers, advisors and content developers. We have several annual positions for members:

  • Accounting & Auditing Advisory Committee
  • Peer Review Committee
  • Professional Ethics Committee
  • Tax Advisory Committee
  • Management of an Accounting Practice Task Force
  • Educators' Symposium Task Force
  • Disclosures Editorial Task Force
  • Conference Planning Committees


Public service and speaking: Offer your knowledge to the public through a variety of opportunities:

Discussion posts: Become a Content Champion and offer your knowledge to your peers on Connect community discussions.

Writing: Submit an article idea for Disclosures or vscpa.com.

Become a presenter: Submit your idea for an education session at a VSCPA conference, seminar or webinar. For more information, email cpe@vscpa.com.


Advocate: Get involved in the VSCPA's advocacy initiatives by participating on the Legislator's Tax Guide Task Force, attending CPA Assembly Day or contacting your legislator.

Invest: Support the VSCPA's advocacy efforts by contributing to the VSCPA PAC.

Influence your peers: How has your VSCPA membership benefited you? Share your story with colleagues! Send us your testimonial.


Recruit a member: Help grow and support the VSCPA while letting your colleagues know about the great resources the Society has to offer.

Invest: Support future CPAs by contributing to the VSCPA Educational Foundation.

Bring a friend: Encourage a colleague to join you at a VSCPA conference or seminar to see firsthand the high-quality education the VSCPA provides.

Give back: Participate in CPA Day of Service, a single day of volunteer service that represents the CPA profession's ongoing commitment to serving the communities where its professionals live and work.