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Best Ethics Providers in Virginia

Now that you have the option to choose which ethics course you take, we wanted to highlight other top ethics providers so you can make an informed decision.

  1. VSCPA — Each year, the VSCPA serves over 12,000 people with a two-hour ethics course. And for the past six years, we were the sole provider of Virginia-specific ethics content that met the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) ethics CPE requirement. It's no secret that we know ethics, and this year you have six different courses to choose from. Our content is guaranteed to be VBOA-approved and we'll issue your certificate directly to you and automatically upload record of the course to your VBOA/NASBA online CPE tracking system. 
  2. Becker Professional Education — Becker has provided accounting CPE for more than 60 years and specializes in CPA exam resources and preparation. 
  3. Kaplan/SmartPros — SmartPros is a leading provider or CPE and training to Fortune 500 companies, as well as major firms and associations. 
  4. Thomson Reuters — Thomson Reuters provides software and content designed for accounting firms.


Becker Professional


Thomson Reuters
Checkpoint Learning

Available formats

On-demand x x x x
  Live webcast x x    
  In-house x x    
  Content-only x x    
  Live, in-person x x    
  Conference session x x    

Original course author

  x     x
VBOA-approved   x x x x
NASBA-approved   x      
Reseller of VSCPA content   x x x  

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