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Welcome Home! Redesigned VSCPA Website Goes Live

September 30, 2018

We’ve completed the renovations, flipped the switches and turned the key in the lock. The new VSCPA.com is up and running, and all that’s left is for you to make yourself at home.

You can still find the same great features that we’ve always had, including a robust CPE Catalog, your own personal CPE history and tools to help you keep track of your VSCPA volunteer involvement. (Not to mention Click+Pay payment technology, auto-dues renewal and all the other technological advancements we’ve put in place since the last redesign.) But it’s freshly redesigned and optimized for any device you can think of.

Keeping up with the times

The reasons for the redesign are twofold — branding and responsive design. The VSCPA undertook a brand refresh last year, resulting in tweaks to our logo, corporate colors and font usage. The new design incorporates those new elements.

The technological aspects of the redesign are an effort to accommodate all our users. Nearly 15 percent of 2015 VSCPA.com visitors accessed the site using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The redesign utilizes responsive design to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across all devices, from smartphones to the classic desktop computer.

Finally, it was just time. On average, companies redesign their websites every two to three years. The last major revamp to VSCPA.com launched in 2010, so we were overdue for a change. Here’s some more information on what you can expect.

Getting the lay of the land

The project also included a complete restructuring of our website architecture. The need for a responsive design meant that the existing right-side menu had to go away, with those features incorporated into the top menu. We undertook a comprehensive analysis of our website statistics to determine which features needed to be front and center, and which we could link to from internal pages. And we solicited member feedback during the testing process to make sure our changes made sense.

The old VSCPA.com had five menus across the top and 10 down the right side. We’ve streamlined those options into seven menus across the top of the screen:

Education: All of our top-notch CPE options can be found here, through the CPE Catalog, listed under “Register Now.” You can also view CPE requirements and your progress toward fulfilling them in this menu. This is where you’ll find details on the Virginia-specific Ethics course.

My Membership: Here’s where you’ll find the tools to renew your membership, make changes to your profile and find other members through Connect, as well as details about our other great member benefits. Our Career Center is also located here.

Join the VSCPA: We think this one’s pretty self-explanatory. But this menu also contains information for those who might be on the fence about joining, including a growing list of firms that pay VSCPA dues for employees.

Advocacy: The inside scoop on the VSCPA’s efforts to protect your interests in Richmond and Washington, broken down into three categories. “Philosophy” details how we arrive at our advocacy decisions, “Issues” houses our official actions related to those decisions and “Take Action” spells out the different ways you can get involved.

Resources: The biggest change in the menu structure, this menu combines the old News and Resources menus. Basically, it’s where you can find the tools we have that can help you do your job more effectively, including our professional news updates, Disclosures magazine and our resource centers. You can also find peer review resources and information here.

About Us: This menu houses information on the VSCPA’s mission, vision and goals, as well as contact information for leadership and staff. The State of the VSCPA annual report and financial statements are also in this menu.

For the Public: Our resources for Virginia taxpayers, including the award-winning Financial Fitness initiative, live here. The Ask a CPA and Find a CPA services are also in this menu, as well as information about CPA services and professional conduct.

Outside the menu structure, you can find professional news in the Top Stories box, as well as VSCPA social media updates, upcoming events and video. Watch the video below for more information.

You can still do that

The information you need is still here! If you’re logged in and have completed the right section of your profile, the Top Stories box will feature news tailored to your areas of interest. The same goes for the VSCPA Events menu on the right side of the page.

And our search capabilities remain as robust as ever. We rolled out our enhanced search last year, allowing you to narrow your search down to CPE opportunities, website articles, Disclosures articles and Connect discussions, as well as any number of areas of interest.

We want your feedback

As always, everything we do at the VSCPA is done with you, our members, in mind. Let us know what you think! Please contact us with any feedback, questions or requests for assistance. Now make yourself at home!

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