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Old Myths and New Realities About Tax Preparation for CPAs Serving Real Estate Professionals

February 6, 2019

The beginning of the year is an ideal time for CPA advisors to evaluate the state of their practice and to make plans to build an even better business in 2019. You can reflect on how efficiently you were able to serve your clients over the past year and plan a strategy to attract more “right fit” clients. For CPAs who serve clients in the real estate industry, now may also be a time when you find yourself wondering whether it makes sense to continue serving such a heavy-hitting niche. After all: One of the challenges of serving clients in the real estate industry is that they generate a volume of receipts and invoices that dwarfs many other industries. As a result, many tax advisors who serve real estate clients find themselves overwhelmed with paperwork and may hesitate to take on real estate professionals in the future. Read more at CPA Practice Advisor.