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Member Thoughts: Serving Nonprofit Organizations

September 30, 2018

By Matt Newquist. CPA
Senior Financial Analyst
Swedish Match North America, Richmond

I have been a volunteer controller for Noble Warriors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, for about 10 years. Based in Midlothian, Noble Warriors partners with the local church in ministering to men and their families. In this blog post, I will share the many benefits of volunteering for a nonprofit organization that I have enjoyed over Matt Newquistthese years.  

The greatest benefit of volunteering for a nonprofit is knowing that the work we do as CPAs contributes to the mission that individuals, and society, benefits from. We serve an important role in nonprofits from both an administrative perspective and in providing strategic direction that is essential in their carrying out its mission.

The second benefit is the opportunity to apply the skills and expertise developed in my career to the volunteer work for the nonprofit, an organization of a much smaller scale. This has given me a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment for my current and past positions. 

The third benefit is meeting people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds who share the same passion for the organization’s mission. This broadens our own perspectives and deepens one’s sense of purpose for supporting an organization.  Volunteering develops a sense of community when we combine our efforts to a common cause. 

While there are other tangible and intangible benefits to volunteering for a nonprofit, the last benefit I will share is gaining greater insight into the inner workings of a nonprofit and being involved in the decision making of future initiatives.  As Noble Warriors has grown, it has been rewarding in providing the financial support and giving input to important decisions.     

Volunteering for a nonprofit organization has many benefits, both personally and professionally. As leaders, we enjoy making a difference to the organization and to the people it serves.   

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