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McAuliffe Declares April Virginia Financial Literacy Month

September 30, 2018

To remind Virginia citizens about the importance of financial literacy, Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed a proclamation (PDF) recognizing the month of April 2015 as Virginia Financial Literacy Month. The proclamation was introduced by the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) as part of its award-winning Financial Fitness campaign to improve the financial health of all Virginians. The VSCPA hopes the commemorative month, along with other outreach activities, will build awareness for the importance of wise money management and recognize and encourage other Virginia organizations to make a difference in financial education.

The VSCPA offers a variety of supportive resources online at www.FinancialFitness.org to help Virginia organizations get involved, including a commemorative logo, flyer, press release template and more.

Virginia CPAs feel that as the premier financial experts, they should be active in educating their respective communities on wise financial planning.

“Financial literacy and money management are key issues for the VSCPA and promoted through our Financial Fitness initiative. This starts with improving Virginians’ knowledge about how to make financially sound decisions and taking advantage of resources available through various channels, including the VSCPA,” said Colette Wilson, CPA, chair of the VSCPA Board of Directors. “We thank Gov. McAuliffe for his continued effort to support this awareness campaign.”

National statistics show the United States is suffering from a decline in the level of financial literacy among citizens. U.S. consumer debt totaled more than $11 trillion by December 2014, of which credit card debt alone exceeded $700 billion. Americans now save, on average, 4.9 percent of their income.

Virginia taxpayers can get free online advice on personal finance topics by emailing questions at www.FinancialFitness.org through the Ask a CPA Email Program. Experienced, licensed CPAs will provide answers to financial questions within three business days. 


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