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JSETP Seeks Comment on Nonprofit, Land Preservation Tax Issues

June 20, 2018

The Virginia General Assembly’s Joint Subcommittee to Evaluate Tax Preference (JSETP) is seeking public feedback regarding two tax preferences:

  • The Sales Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Organizations (Sec. 58.1-609.11)
  • The Income Tax Credit for Land Preservation (Sec. 58.1-510 et seq.)

This review is part of the JSETP’s systematic review of all tax preferences in the Code of Virginia. After the review, the subcommittee will recommend whether to continue, expand, modify or eliminate the preferences.

Interested members of the public can submit written comment (the subcommittee’s preference) to [email protected]. Please indicate in the title of your email whether your comment is about the sales tax exemption or the income tax credit. Commenters on the sales tax exemption must indicate whether or not their comments are being made on behalf of a nonprofit organization that is currently exempt from paying sales tax.

Subcommittee staff will also receive public comments in person in House Room D of the General Assembly Building. Comments regarding the sales tax exemption will be received Tuesday, Aug. 26, while comments regarding the income tax credit will be received Friday, Sept. 26.

Those wishing to speak at the public hearings may sign up at the hearing in question no earlier than one hour prior to its start. Speakers will be taken in the order of registration, and speakers may be asked to limit their comments to three minutes or less depending on the number of speakers registered. Speakers representing groups and organizations will be asked to consolidate their remarks to reduce duplication.

Members of the subcommittee may be present at the hearings. However, the hearing will not be a deliberative meeting of the subcommittee and will be directed by staff.

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