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Help the VSCPA Achieve its Legislative Goals During CPA Assembly Week

September 30, 2018

CPA Assembly Day has been a linchpin of the VSCPA's advocacy efforts for several years, but the renovation of the General Assembly Building has turned it into a full week of legislator visits. As always, members who can't attend in person can make their voices heard through the VSCPA's Take Action Tool.

This session, we're primarily focused on two issues. One is moving all Virginia CPAs to a uniform license renewal date, requiring the removal of the statutory requirement that licenses be issued for 12 months. The Senate version, SB 428, has passed the Senate, while the House version, HB 752, is still in discussion in a House General Laws subcommittee. It's important that we get the House bill moving to get the bills across the finish line and allow the VBOA to move toward a uniform license renewal date, promoting simplicity and clarity for Virginia CPAs.  Click here to use our Take Action tool to send a message to your representative in the House of Delegates in support of this bill.

We're also working on a resolution to the annual issue of tax conformity, where we're working on getting legislation passed as quickly as possible. Issues related to federal tax reform have slowed the Senate bill, SB 230, down, but we're focused on aligning the House and Senate bills and getting the issue resolved so that tax practitioners can begin processing returns.

Thanks for everything you do for the VSCPA's advocacy efforts!

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