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Becoming a VSCPA Volunteer

March 14, 2018

 Becoming a VSCPA Volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA). Not only do our volunteers contribute their time, talent and expertise, they set the tone and direction for the future of the VSCPA.

We are currently seeking dedicated members for several of our committees, task forces, and over 25 micro-volunteer opportunities. Volunteering with the VSCPA is one of the best personal and professional development experiences to help you advance your career or leadership skills. Here’s what members say about volunteering with the VSCPA:

“It’s been inspiring to network with other professionals in leadership positions while volunteering with the VSCPA and in my community.” — Marie Assouan, CPA, VSCPA member since 2008

“Serving as a VSCPA Ambassador has helped me meet a lot of great VSCPA members. It has also allowed me to be more connected with my company and its many offices across Virginia.”— Bo Garner, CPA, VSCPA member since 2012

Becoming a volunteer is easier than ever with Volunteer Manager in Connect. Whether you’re looking to volunteer year round or on an as needed basis, Volunteer Manager will help you find the right opportunity. Join the volunteer pool and update your volunteer profile, so we can let you know about future opportunities that might interest you.

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