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10 Useful Post-Tax Season Resources From CAMICO

September 30, 2018

Did you know that post-tax season is a good time to re-evaluate your tax clients for potential problems?

One reason is that there’s ample time for the client to replace you in the event you decide to disengage. Client-screening steps also help you identify less desirable clients that may be keeping your firm from developing the clients you want.

CAMICO – the VSCPA preferred provider of accountants’ Professional Liability Insurance and risk management services – has put together this post-tax season Resources Pack with 10 complimentary resources.

You will receive:

  • Checklist with warning signs that it may be time to disengage from certain clients
  • The what, when and how of disengagement
  • Sample client-screening checklist
  • Tips on how to protect your business with better billing and collection practices
  • Sample disengagement letter templates to address certain scenarios

The CAMICO program features deductible credits and many free benefits, including potential claims counseling and claims guidance, unlimited access to in-house CPAs and other experts via advice hotlines, 90+ sample engagement and other letters, engagement/disengagement letter reviews, and much more.

Don’t miss out. Download your CAMICO resources today!

(If you are a CAMICO policyholder, please log in to the CAMICO Members-Only Site at www.camico.com, to access these and many more risk management resources.)

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