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Talent Partner Benefits

Talent Partners

Our Talent Partners help members build leadership skills, and grow knowledge of global trends to develop talent and build a thriving workplace of the future.

Through classroom trainings from Dale Carnegie, global leaders in leadership development, you’ll find a selection of courses to help address the specific needs for your role. We offer four customized packages to meet the skills needs based on your career phase: staff, senior staff, managers and executives. The program offers certificates and digital badges. VSCPA members get a 60% discount.

We’ve partnered with Floricane, industry leaders in leadership development to bring you our VSCPA Leadership Academy – a six month training for future leaders. This is an exclusive offering that is only available for VSCPA young professional members (35 and under).

Intend2Lead is a leadership development firm that coaches accountants to access the Dimension of Possible – the place where fear is no longer the energy and love reigns – through 1-to-1 coaching, group learning and innovation labs. We are excited to offer the following programs to VSCPA members: 

John Maxwell 2

Investing in the growth of your business, the strength of your team or your own personal development is the key to sustained success. The John Maxwell Method of Speaking, Coaching, Selling, and Leadership is a set of professional skills courses that include behavior assessments, workshops, seminars, keynote presentations and weekly courses for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and individuals who want to advance their career.