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Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Partner With the VSCPA

VSCPA Partners must commit to the following values:

  • Member Value: Provide VSCPA member value in the form of learning, engagement, resources or discounts.  
  • Reputation: Client references must be provided during the application process.  
  • Risk Management: Disclose any current or previous civil, criminal or regulatory matters to the VSCPA.  
  • Innovation: Have a culture of innovation and drive to impact the future of the CPA profession.  
  • Talent: Workplace culture, leadership development, organizational development  
  • Technology: Emerging and disrupting technologies; provide efficiencies for members  
  • Solution-Driven: Your product or service must be a solution to a member's need or industry challenge.  
  • Shared Investment: We are both working together for a goal. Win, win, win. 

Interested in Partnering with the VSCPA? Review our partnership opportunities and complete this application.


Strategic Partnership Packages  

Strategic Partners benefit from various incentives and recognition opportunities, including hyperlinked logos on the VSCPA website and promotion as thought leaders. Partners are subject to vetting and approval to ensure goals align with VSCPA priorities.  

Our partners offer their leadership through reach, retention, revenue, ROI, relevance and reputation. By becoming a VSCPA partner, you will be promoted as a top resource for Virginia CPAs. Strategic partnerships offer the highest visibility to VSCPA members and customers through thought leadership, networking, advertising, event sponsorship and participation.

Strategic Partnership packages are customized to meet your goals. They start at $10,000.  


Hot Topic Targeted Packages:

Interested in reaching a particular audience? Position yourself as an industry leader supporting one of the priority areas in the CPA profession. Each year the VSCPA produces a variety of programs and events to deliver our 2025 strategic priorities, target specific audiences and advance special areas of interest in the profession. Becoming a sponsor in these areas allows you to support the profession and gain access to members with the same priorities and goals.  

Innovation Package:  

The accounting landscape is changing rapidly. New opportunities and challenges are fundamentally changing how businesses operate. The VSCPA launched our Center for Innovation to help our members be future-ready and drive the CPA profession forward. It offers cutting-edge learning, engaging programming and a wealth of resources in technology and talent development.  

Our Innovation Package shows your commitment to innovation, positions you as a change agent and helps the VSCPA drive the profession and our members forward. Package highlights include:

  • Recognition as a premier VSCPA Innovation Partner  
  • Sponsorship opportunities to connect you with attendees at signature programs like our Technology & Innovation Showcase, Leaders’ Summit, regional member roundtables and our IMPACT Award  
  • Thought leadership opportunities like being featured in our VSCPA Leading Forward podcast, hosting a VSCPA innovation webinar, providing sponsored content in our magazine and online publications  

VALUE: $23,145
PRICE: $15,000


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Package: 

Diversity, equity and inclusion is one of the VSCPA’s core organizational values as we strive to foster an environment that respects and reflects a diversity of people, cultures and perspectives. The evidence is clear that businesses with diverse talent are far more innovative and achieve greater financial results, and it’s a critical focus for future relevancy of the CPA profession.  

Our Diversity & Inclusion Package shows your commitment to diversity, driving this important initiative in the CPA profession and helps the VSCPA and our members make an impact. Package highlights include:  

  • Sponsorship opportunities to connect you with attendees at signature programs like our Women’s Leadership Forum (sold out last year), Virtual Career Showcase for students and the Ruth Coles Harris Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Award  
  • Thought leadership opportunities like hosting a VSCPA diversity and inclusion webinar and providing sponsored content in our magazine and online publications  
  • Recognition as a VSCPA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Partner  

VALUE: $15,395
PRICE: $10,000


Students & Future CPAs Package:  

A strong pipeline of future CPAs is critical to the profession’s success. The VSCPA will strive to ensure the profession remains viable in a highly competitive global workforce.  

Our Student & Future CPAs Package provides you exposure to Virginia accounting students and educators and demonstrates your commitment to ensuring a strong pipeline of future CPAs. Package highlights include:  

  • Sponsorship opportunities to connect you with attendees at signature programs like our Accounting Educators’ Exchange, CPA Ready Workshops for college students, CPAs in the Classroom for middle and high school students, CPA LEADx for new and emerging CPAs and our Virtual Career Showcase  
  • Thought leadership opportunities like providing sponsored content in our magazine and online publications and/or specific content targeting educators and students
  • Volunteer opportunities like serving the VSCPA Educational Foundation Scholarship Committee to help select recipients of over $55,000 in accounting scholarships
  • Opportunity to join the VSCPA on college and university visits  
  • Recognition as a VSCPA Student & Future CPAs Partner

VALUE: $12,145
PRICE: $7,500