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Pathway To Partner


Pathway to Partner

Oct. 2628, 2021 | 20+ CPE Credits | Price: $2,500

The VSCPA is partnering with Gary Thomson, CPA, of Thomson Consulting, a former regional managing partner for a Top 20 firm with more than 34 years of experience, to bring a new program for future leaders of Virginia CPA firms. As part of the VSCPA Center for Innovation’s suite of leadership development programs, Pathway to Partner is designed to meet your CPA firm’s succession planning needs as well as the profession’s demand for talent and the critical need to develop future leaders in an ever-changing global landscape.

"To be a successful firm of the future, we must adapt to our new reality. You know this. But it’s not easy to balance the need for innovation with our limited resources, time, talent, and tolerance of risk.” – Gary Thomson, CPA, Thomson Consulting



  • Candidates for firm leadership and partnership/ownership
  • CPAs in public accounting with 7-10 years of experience
  • VSCPA members-only

Event Details

  • Kick-off: Three-day in-person event Fall 2021at the VSCPA Learning & Innovation Center in Richmond
  • Regular check-ins: Participants will be expected to participate in periodic virtual check-ins for three additional months
  • Conclusion: Wraps up with an in-person project report and graduation celebration in May at the VSCPA Learning & Innovation Center in Richmond
  • Group size: 12 –15 participants per class offering an intimate learning and hands-on development experience

Session Overview:

The Profession: “Through the Eyes of Our Leaders”

  • Content: The Business of our Business...What does it take to run a successful accounting firm and be an “owner” of the business? What is needed to be future leaders of the firm and the CPA profession?

The People: “The People Imperative”

  • Content: The intersection of firm culture and key performance indicators; the need for diversity and inclusion in the CPA profession.

The Personal Commitment: “Goal Setting & Accountability”

  • Content: Commitment to personal performance and improvement; growing myself as a leader and growing others; setting personal and team goals, expectations and accountability.