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Advancing Your Leadership Through Experience
CPA LEADx: Advancing Your Leadership Through Experience



Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Join us for CPA LEADx on Dec. 1–3 for a unique program that will guide you through your personal leadership journey. We've partnered with InnerWill, an industry leader on values-based leadership training, to help you gain a greater self-awareness of your leadership style and effective strategies for leading within your organizations.

CPA LEADx is designed for emerging leaders in all industries with varying levels of experience looking to further their career. 

Event Highlights Include: 

  • How to be more effective, influential and resilient in your leadership
  • Foster your leadership and strategic skills to move your career forward   
  • Gain an understanding of values-based leadership and how to leverage your strengths 
  • Find out what leadership looks like in today’s accounting world and how to lead your team effectively
  • Explore the communication skills of listening, asking questions and checking for understanding


Need help convincing your boss this is a great opportunity? Here's an ROI kit you can share.