VSCPA Nonprofit Resource Center

Is your nonprofit organization looking for information on budgeting, tax planning or audit committees? Are you looking for a dynamic speaker on financial topics, or need advice on financial issues? Let Virginia CPAs help! As part of our Financial Fitness campaign designed to improve the financial health of Virginians, the VSCPA offers a wealth of resources, including programs to connect volunteer CPAs with your organization or company as a community service.

VSCPA Nonprofit Resource Guides  

VSCPA Nonprofit Finance Summit: The VSCPA holds free nonprofit finance seminars throughout the year across Virginia.
VSCPA Speaking & Community Outreach: Find a free CPA speaker on topics related to money management and basic financial responsibility.
Find a CPA” online search engine: Get in touch with a CPA in your geographic region who can best meet your financial and business needs.
VSCPA nonprofit articles: Check out more articles on nonprofit finance and management issues authored by CPAs.
For more information about VSCPA resources and programs for nonprofits, including requests for CPAs to serve on boards of directors, contact VSCPA Public Relations and Communications Director David Bass at (804) 612-9440.