Getting a Virginia CPA License: What’s Required?

Students and CPA Exam candidates often ask: “How do I earn a Virginia CPA license? What’s required?”

The Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA) provides several resources to student and CPA Candidate members to answer these important questions.

  1. First thing’s first: Education. Candidates must earn at least 120 semester hours of education to sit for the CPA Exam. After that, an additional 30 semester hours of education are required for licensure. For specifics, including required course work, check out our CPA Exam requirements brochure. (.PDF)
  2. Next up: Apply for and pass the CPA Exam. Visit the Virginia Board of Accountancy’s (VBOA) CPA Examination Services webpage to find out what you need to know about applying for the Exam. Leave yourself plenty of time, as well — the application process can take several weeks to complete. After you apply, use the VSCPA’s CPA Exam review discounts to help you ace the Exam and save money.
  3. After that: Professional experience. Prior to applying for your Virginia CPA license, you must meet the professional experience requirement — one year of relevant, full-time work. Check out the VSCPA’s Career Center to post your resume and search available jobs.
  4. Last but not least: Apply for a license! Download the VBOA’s applications and forms and follow their instructions. If you have questions about the application process, contact the VBOA at or (804) 367-8505.

For questions about VSCPA membership and resources, contact us at or (800) 733-8272.



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