What is RSS?


Looking for easy ways to get the news and information you need? The VSCPA now offers news feeds — known as RSS — on a variety of topics, enabling you to subscribe to the news you need in one easy step.

RSS stands for "really simple syndication," and, once you subscribe, it allows you to receive alerts that your favorite Web sites have new content. Instead of individually visiting all those sites to read the information, you can view that information via an RSS feed reader, or "aggregator," right on your desktop. For a more in-depth discussion, check out the explanation of RSS on Wikipedia, or check out
the easy-to-follow tutorial below.

How do you know if your favorite sites have RSS feeds available? Look for a link labeled "RSS" on those sites' homepages, or look for the following RSS icon:

How do you get an RSS reader or aggregator? The newest version of Windows Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 7), comes with a built-in RSS reader, and many free sites offer them, such as Yahoo! Or, you can do a basic Internet search for "RSS reader" to view other free options.

How do you subscribe to the VSCPA's RSS feeds? Simply view the VSCPA RSS list, choose which feeds you want and click the link to the right of the list. When you see the feed, click "subscribe to this feed." The VSCPA feed will then appear in your reader.